Hugi Hub Early Years Training Centre of Excellence - Tiny Hands Big Futures

Sorry its been a while since my last blog!!! This is due to been very very busy in the Hugi Hub and across the country. I can certainly say I will never be bored!! The variety of what I am doing to grow Tiny Hands Big Futures is exciting to say the least. In the past month I have had the pleasure of training at Linden Lodge Special School in London, Corner House Nursery leadership and Hygge training in the Hugi Hub, Tiddlywinks Centre whole centre training in the Hugi Hub, OFSTED ready training for the city, supported Meganursery through their OFSTED inspections, welcomed children from Woodhouse Nursery to the Hugi Hub for targeted sessions funded by EYPP funding, delivered I Can Early Talk Boost training, became a mentor for Darnall Community Nursery and Tiddlywinks Centre who are working towards achieving the I CAN Charity Early Talk Enhanced Accreditation and thats just the start of it!!

Alongside this I have welcomed children and families into the Hugi Hub who have had a exciting time exploring and relaxing the 'higgle' way. Families are really embracing the 'Hygge' atmosphere and experience, I am getting great feedback from families who are enjoying how different the Hugi Hub is and also the cosiness, relaxed and happy feeling you get when in there. It was really great to see dads with their little ones exploring and creating on the Sunday session I did, watch this space for dad sessions.

I will be welcoming a team from Tapton School who will be coming to look at the Hugi Hub with the intention of bringing young children who have visual impairment to explore. I have Autism friendly sessions available on the 2nd April as part of World Autism Awareness Day and it this goes well I will be adding sessions regularly.

I have recently launched an associate programme that will allow me to work with other professionals who would like to deliver sessions in the Hugi Hub and training, if you are interested please contact me. I will be launching a volunteering programme very soon too!! As part of the ethos to support people with additional needs and disabilities, I am working with Bridge Pole Ltd who are based within the Hugi Hub Mondays. The young people are supported with independent living skills and as part of this are competing joint art projects with the children from Megapixels Play. They will also be running coffee mornings within Frecheville Community Centre on Monday mornings from April 15th. I am also working in partnership with the Autism Centre for Supported Employment in Sheffield to offer a placement working within the Hugi Hub so I am very excited about this!

While been based in Frecheville Community Centre I have taken on the voluntary role of 'community project coordinator' which involved growing the centre. As part of this the we have welcomed Bridge Pole, Brightsparks Baby Group, Wellness Sessions, Coffee Mornings, and will be hosting Bridgefest in August - a music festival led by Bridge Pole Ltd. I also seeking funding to restore and renovate the community back to its glory of when it was built in the the 1930"s.

I am writing this blog on the train as I am on my way to London to catch up with Blossom Educational who are specialist in software systems for early years and to visit their nurseries very exciting day.

'Big Futures for All' is a charity that I will be launching very soon so watch this space!!!

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog and please get in touch if you want to know more or just to have a chat!! I am always happy to spend time in a coffee shop or two!!!

Tracy .