'Hygge' Hugi Hub off to an Exciting Start!

First things first - Happy New Year!

The Hugi Hub has had an exciting start to 2019 seeing interest in the centre grow since the official opening at the end of November. I was delighted to welcome Sheffield's Deputy Lord Mayor Mr Downing, and Councillor Karen McGowen to open the Hugi Hub. Mr Downing was very impressed with the Hugi Hub and the 'Hygge' principles and very keen to see it thrive, identifying it as a need within the local community and beyond. We did have a shared interest that arose during the tour, Mr Downing expressed his interest in working with the elderly and young children and identified that this would be a focus when he is Lord Mayor in 2019. Watch this space as it is an interest that I have for the very near future!

The Family Centre part of the Hugi Hub is beginning to attract a variety of groups which include, babies, young children and their parents/carers, these sessions are currently run on a Tuesday morning. We have Megapixels Play Tuesday 5-6pm too. Nursery groups of children are enjoying being curious and exploring the 'hygge' way, Tiddlywinks Centre in Arbourthorne have been the first to visit the centre.

I am very excited to have been able to offer the room on Mondays to Bridge Pole Ltd which is a service for young adults with Learning Disabilities and Autism. The people who have attended today have told me they had a really good time, which is great to hear.

With a career in supporting children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities, it is my passion to offer a service to families that need it within Sheffield and beyond. The demand is high and we all know that services are being cut on a regular basis. I will be offering sessions that will be quieter and meet the individual needs of these very special children and young people in the very near future. If you have any interest in developing or attending these groups then please contact me.

Another exciting development is that I am now able to offer I Can Accreditation to settings, nurseries and schools. I am also able to deliver Early Talk Programmes and Early Talk Boost. I am very proud to be an I CAN licensee and I have my first nursery, Tiddlywinks Centre in Arbourthorne taking the challenge of accreditation and also offering the specialist targeted intervention Early Talk Boost to the children who attend. https://www.tinyhandsbigfutures.co.uk/early-talk

Further to this I will now be working alongside Blossom Educational who offer software programmes to early years settings. They are a company who seem to me to have got the software tailored to the needs of nurseries, the difference being that they are a group of nursery owners, managers and tech guys. I have to say I have worked with lots of different online systems and this one is definitely my favourite!! So if you need more information let me know.

The Hugi Hub Education Centre is also going well, the conference held in November was very well attending and received excellent feedback. I have other training booked into the hub including, OFSTED Hints and Tips on Friday 11th January. The advantage to early years professionals attending the hub is that it is set up as a nursery and give the opportunity to get new ideas and to experience the hub the 'hygge' way, giving you lots of ideas to take back and develop your own early years provision. Further information is available on the website Hugi Hub Booking Page. https://www.tinyhandsbigfutures.co.uk/book-online

Finally I am always open to new ideas, challenges and ultimately supporting children, young people and families. If you have any ideas or want to book a session, come to look around then let me know. https://www.tinyhandsbigfutures.co.uk