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Supporting Families to Flourish

Children do not move, think or speak in a straight line, and neither does imagination nor creativity. But sadly, our standardised pathways of education do. 

~ Vince Gowman

“Remind yourself regularly that children know much more than you can imagine.” ~ Vince Gowman

“Truly wonderful, the mind of a child is.” ~ Yoda

Family with a Y6 Child

“To Tracy and everyone at Hugi's
Thank you for all your hard work and support over the time **** has been with you.  You are all Amazing!!

Family with a Y2 Child

"To all at Hugi
The difference in ****** is amazing, Thank you so much.  ****** loves his time with you! 

Family with a Y1 Child

'I am so grateful to the Hugi Hub staff for being a great support for both me and my child through everything that we are going through I really don't know how we would have got through all this you are amazing and I will always be grateful for what you have done for me and ****'

A pupil at Hugi

Thank you Hugi Hub you are one of my fave places I've ever been.  Thank you 
From **** 
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